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Always buy the best quality seitan. The seitan you find in your average supermarket is often very tough. Seitan should have a tender texture. Organic health stores stock delicious seitan (I don’t often like to mention a brand, but Bertyn’s seitan is excellent). Reine, blogger at, 12/02/2016

cheatsheet logo''Seitan can be an excellent alternative to red meat in many dishes, and when used in conjunction with the right spices and seasonings, can taste very similar. It’s also loaded with protein — that’s what it is, after all. Wheat protein.'' Blogger Sam Becker, Health and fitness site, 15/02/2016

cheatsheet logo''Hail seitan? Damn right — if you’re looking for an alternative to red meat'' Blogger Sam Becker, Health and fitness site, 15/02/2016

Alexander Gershberg Vegan Sundays"Your seiten was delicious! One of the best ones that I tried. The texture was perfect. The one with the chili was especially good. MMMM.... nice!" Alexander Gershberg, head chef at VEGAN SUNDAYS, catering and special event company, 24/09/2015

Attila Hildmann fanWhen they discuss the various kinds of meat substitutes, and Attila tries the prepared seitan, he says: “Wow - that's really good!”. Attila Hildmann also talks about the consistency of seitan: “Seitan has become extremely crispy and has a meat-like consistency. It's amazing!” Attila Hildmann, vegan chef and fitnessmodel, Germany

Jason Wrobel high protein seitan“My Nr.1 substitute is seitan. Seitan is a fantastic substitute for beef or pork in recipes like sandwiches, casseroles, stir frys or woks. The possibilities are endless” Jason Wrobel, Raw vegan Chef and author,, 14/03/2015

Jason Wrobel“Vegan products that meat eaters love! Seitan is nr.1. It is wheat meat” Jason Wrobel, Raw vegan Chef and author,, 14/03/2015

Sebastian Copien fan“For seitan it is always important for me that it is not made from gluten flour but from  well-washed and organic spelt. I have bought and tried many different types of seitan and was never satisfied in terms of consistency, texture and flavour. But your spelt seitan convinced me immediately and I am just thrilled!!” Sebastian Copien, chef & cookbook author,, Munich, 03/12/2014

“Think before you eat”... “I eat with my head”.  Elise Desaulniers, Food ethics, www.é, France

“Seitan is happiness”  Marie Rameaux, La Boucherie Végétale. Caterer in Toulouse, France 30.01.2015

"When you cook seitan the taste depends on the spices you use, because seitan does not have much of a taste of its own. Thanks to its firm structure, seitan can be fried, roasted or barbecued, or simply on a pizza. You can find seitan in the cold section of your natural food and health food shops.", all about fitness, Fitness consultant Pasquale Tarantino, 28/08/2014

“The soya sauce has a very distinct taste, in which the product is mostly offered already marinated. To me this taste forms a harmonious combination with other ingredients. I rinse the seitan well before using it, so that the aroma does not dominate and I add salt sparingly” - Claudia Hirschberger, Berlin, Germany. Blog:

“I often use seitan when I dice it so that it resembles diced meet. Dishes such as ´Seitan Stroganoff´ and ´Züri Seitan-Geschnätzi´ all gain from the firm texture and from the slightly sweet taste of the seitan” Claudia Hirschberger, Berlin, Germany. Blog:

"A large number of Bertyn's products are not made from wheat, but from spelt – and not just any spelt, but Oberkülmer Rotkorn original spelt. The seitan made from wheat is also made from an original variety – Manitoba original wheat. This means it's an authentic seitan, traditionally made from original grains with a traditional fermented soya sauce. We already love it!", Bertyn seitan-lover, 28/11/2013

"Bertyn seitan has an excellent texture and is not rubbery at all – which is sometimes what you get from other seitan-makers.", Bertyn seitan-lover, 28/11/2013

"We heard all about it from our Belgian staff: Bertyn's seitan is delicious, they told us. And it is true: it's extraordinarily tasty, authentic seitan – and it's also completely organic.", Bertyn seitan-lover, 28/11/2013

"When it comes to vegetable alternatives to meat, for many people tofu comes immediately to mind, but you can also make a juicy 'steak' from ordinary wheat: thanks to seitan." Essen und, Benedikt Ernst, 12/12/2014

"How seitan tastes depends entirely upon how you flavor it: it's essentially a sponge for flavor." Vegan food blogger, 6outta7, 12/05/2014

"Seitan is great, I love it. Seitan (pronounced say-tan) is one of the most versatile faux-meat products you'll ever experience." Vegan food blogger, 6outta7, 12/05/2014

“Only purchase authentically made seitan, avoid the stuff that is made from wheat gluten. With seitan our planet is less polluted, there is less cruelty to animals and more respect for life on earth and the balance of nature is retained.” Magdalena Troch and Rudy Van Damme of 'pure food for children foundation' and authors of the book "Gezond groeien"(Healthy growth) 15/06/2015

Bertyn Seitan is by far the most delicious one I ever tasted! Congratulations! Barbara Simonsohn, Reiki-Master and Author of many health books, 27/8/2014

Tine Tomme from Avalon satisfied with Bertyn Seitan“At Avalon we often use Bertyn seitan. So far, we’ve always been satisfied with it.” Tine Tomme from Avalon, an organic vegetarian restaurant in Ghent and author of the book ‘Pure and Vegetarian’, 28/07/2013

“We use Bertyn seitan in our kitchen because it is really tasty. The new packaging is very attractive too.” The brothers of Julienne/Juliette, Antwerp, Liesbet, 08/07/2013

“Even if we never manage to convert the world to the vast majority of meat replacements, one product remains decidedly hopeful: the Manitoba wheat and soy sauce-based, traditionally produced seitan manufactured by Bertyn. It brings together the two qualities required if you justifiably want to call a product a ‘meat replacement’: it is pure and natural and very tasty. It is on sale in health food shops, vacuum packed as seitan steak, seitan supreme or in ‘block form’. It is easy to prepare: the seitan is baked, steamed or cooked in a flash because it never requires lengthy cooking times. So from now on no restaurant has a valid excuse for not putting such a vegetarian dish on the menu.” Miki Duerinck & Kristin Leybaert, cooks of the vegetarian cookery studio and authors of 4 vegetarian cooking books, Ghent, 20/06/2013

“I am just back from a week of cooking for a group of beginner yoga teachers. I had never cooked with fresh seitan before and when I was presented with this product I felt rather ill at ease about it. Then I read the simple description on the pack and after baking it on both sides for 2x 5min I ended up with a great looking product which a lot of the participants really enjoyed eating. We were surprised about the intense bite and flavour sensation. After a week of cooking for the participants there was still some seitan left over at the end, so I took a portion home with me. My partner has made delicious rice waffle burgers with curry, onion, salad, pepper and shoots from it. Much better than a lot of the veggie burgers that you find in the shops. It is a truly delicious treat!” Mirjam van Maanen, 18/06/2013: