Bertyn Seitan: satisfying organic food

Using traditional methods to produce really tasty, satisfying food, seitan, with fresh, organic raw materials with a hint of creativeness.

Environmental Mission

Bertyn takes the following steps to be as environmentally-friendly as possible:

  1. We use 100% recycled paper.

  2. We endeavour to completely reuse packaging materials from suppliers for our packaging.

  3. The wood in our warehouse is 100% FSC certified.

  4. Our offices are painted in ecological, natural paint.

  5. We provide a bicycle bonus for employees who cycle to work.

  6. Our new labels are made of biodegradable material (pla).

  7. Folders are printed with vegetable inks on 100% unbleached, recycled paper.

  8. Our chef's whites and clothing are made of organic cotton.

  9. The residual products created during seitan processing are used as fuel or for green energy.

  10. The website is powered by wind energy.