Seitan marinade recipe. Delicious for barbecues!

Ingredients for seitan marinade recipe. delicious for barbecues!

Preparation of seitan marinade recipe. delicious for barbecues!

Briefly mix all ingredients for the marinade with the mixer.

Tip of Stefano:

Marinating seitan? That’s how you do it

If you’re hooked on protein-rich seitan and healthy recipes, try a few variations in your cuisine. Although different types and flavours of seitan are available, marinating seitan yourself is a good way to add your own twist.

You can choose to cut the seitan into small cubes and stick it on a stick (ideal for the BBQ), you can also cut the seitan into thin slices (then the marinade penetrates nicely) or cut the seitan into thick stick and bake it nice and crispy in the pan.

When it comes to marinating seitan: the longer the better, and if possible marinate the seitan overnight. When this is not possible, grill or fry the seitan first before coating it with the marinade. Just before serving, briefly cook the seitan coated with marinade. This creates a delicious crust when, for example, the marinade contains coconut blossom sugar.

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“I am just back from a week of cooking for a group of beginner yoga teachers. I had never cooked with fresh seitan before and when I was presented with this product I felt rather ill at ease about it. Then I read the simple description on the pack and after baking it on both sides for 2x 5min I ended up with a great looking product which a lot of the participants really enjoyed eating. We were surprised about the intense bite and flavour sensation. After a week of cooking for the participants there was still some seitan left over at the end, so I took a portion home with me. My partner has made delicious rice waffle burgers with curry, onion, salad, pepper and shoots from it. Much better than a lot of the veggie burgers that you find in the shops. It is a truly delicious treat!”