The book Healthy and Happy with Proteins

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The book Healthy and Happy with Proteins

The book ‘Healthy and Happy with Proteins – Authentic Seitan’ will give you all the answers. It’s written by bio-veggie-man Bart Maes, with recipes from the chefs Chantal Voets and Serge Restiau.

What is seitan?

Authentic seitan has been available in the West for many years in health food shops and the better supermarkets, but is has been used for a thousand years by Chinese and Japanese Zen Buddhists.

40 Delicious recipes with seitan

Seitan will feature prominently in the book ‘Healthy and Happy with Proteins – Authentic Seitan’, in 40 delicious and healthy recipes. Go for an exciting culinary journey through different tastes, aromas and countries. The recipes are tasty and easy to prepare; they come from Italy, India, Morocco, Thailand, Greece, Japan, etc. – be seduced by authentic seitan!

Healthy and Happy with Proteins – Authentic Seitan – Bart Maes, Chantal Voets, Serge Restiau Lannoo, ISBN 9789401410021

Inspiration for cooking with seitan of Bertyn

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What fans say about Bertyn

Claudia Hirschberger


“I often use seitan when I dice it so that it resembles diced meet. Dishes such as ´Seitan Stroganoff´ and ´Züri Seitan-Geschnätzi´ all gain from the firm texture and from the slightly sweet taste of the seitan”

“The soya sauce has a very distinct taste, in which the product is mostly offered already marinated. To me this taste forms a harmonious combination with other ingredients. I rinse the seitan well before using it, so that the aroma does not dominate and I add salt sparingly”